Hockey is a game, something that gets in your blood and doesn't let go. Its an opportunity for community and camaraderie.


Regardless of age or level, we want each client to take their game to the next level. We are committed to helping Transform their game.


We have over 35 years of experience to help you grow! We use that in each event we hold.


Even though we only offer camps for Defense and Adults, we have the ability to help you in ANY way. Don't hesitate to reach out just because something isn't listed


We have been in the player development industry for over 20 years. 



35+ years of hockey experience

14 Years NCAA D1 Coaching experience (Men and Women)

Head Instructor Weekend Warriors Hockey Academy

Head Instructor Lafontaine Hockey Schools

Former Professional Hockey Player (ECHL)

Former NCAA D1 Defenseman

Former CDN Jr. Defenseman

Owner & Head Coach

With over 25 years of hockey playing and coaching experience at elite levels, Coach Hammer brings a philosophy of coaching to each camp, clinic or consult he conducts...pay attention to the details that allow for simple play to become extraordinary results.  After winning championships as a defenseman in Canadian Jr leagues for the Niagara Falls Canucks,  he continued his on ice success at the NCAA Division 1 level as a Niagara University Purple Eagle capturing all-league honors as well as several championships and then pursued a pro career.  Handrahan was fortunate to start his coaching career at a his alma mater where he developed his coaching skills and philosophy of developing players, teams and coaches. His career continued at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, PA eventually becoming a head coach of the women's program in just 5 years of coaching.  After getting the program off the ground, which won a championship in 2010, he took the reigns of The Ohio State University women's program where he would remain for four seasons until his tenure was cut short. "I learned a lot during my time at OSU. Lots of great people and the WCHA was an awesome challenge week in and week out.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have coached there but am extremely disappointed in how it ended because it does NOT represent the great things we were able to accomplish as a staff or who I am as a person.  When you develop young people, it isn't always comfortable but there are lessons to be taught every day.  I always set out to do my very best for the student-athletes individually and collectively, I truly cared for each player who ever played for me and wanted success for them."  After spending over 25 years coaching and running youth and adult hockey camps as well as the completion of his time at OSU he founded Hammer Hockey LLC to run programs that developed defenseman and helped adult players build their skill base.  After building many successful coaching staffs, he also created a consulting branch to the business to allow for coaches to seek out and find ways to grow their skill set and resources to support them.  He currently resides in Powell, OH with his fiancé Kim and his three daughters Haylee, Mara and Lila




Elite Coach

30+ Years of Hockey Experience

​7 Years of NCAA Coaching Experience (D1 & D3)

15 Years Camp Instruction Experience

Former Professional Hockey Player (5 years)

Former NCAA D1 Defenseman (Niagara University)

Former CDN Jr. Hockey Defenseman



Elite Coach

35+ Years of Hockey Experience

​15 Years of NCAA D1 Coaching Experience (Men and Women)

20 Years Camp Instruction Experience

Former Professional Hockey Player (Finnish Elite)

Former NCAA D1 Defenseman (Niagara University)

Former CDN Jr. Hockey Defenseman



Elite Coach

25+ Years of Hockey Experience

​6 Years of NCAA D1 Coaching Experience 

15 Years Camp Instruction Experience

Former Professional Hockey Player (2 Years)

Former NCAA D1 Defenseman (Niagara University)

Former US Jr. Hockey Defenseman

Brandon Martell



15+ Years of Hockey Experience

​Current Professional Hockey Player

Former NCAA D1 Defenseman

Joey Nahay



15+ Years of Hockey Experience

10+ Years of Camp Instruction Experience

5+ years of Team Skill Instruction

Owner NAHAY Hockey Training

Former Columbus AAA Player

Jack Hale



Former Junior Hockey Player

Former Columbus AAA Player


 "There is nothing better than watching you child bloom and you played a big role in how she has grown into a confident player who continues to love the game. You gave her the tools to not only understand where she fits within her team, but also how to  continue to work on her skills on her own.  The time she spent with you as a coach, and at your camps has been very well spent. We are looking forward to sending her to another camp and highly recommend you to others." - Donna & Kevin J Parents

"Coach Nate is a dedicated coaching professional with many years of elite level and personal experiences who truly understand the nuances and intricacies of such a multifaceted and complex game.  He combines his passion for hockey with a  strong work ethic, superb organizational skills, knowledge of all facets of the game with the psychology of effective teaching." - Harold T. Adult Hockey Player

"Nate coached me my junior and senior years of college and I can honestly say he taught me more in those 2 years about being a better person than I can remember ever learning previously. I am a true believer that sports can teach important values of life: hard work pays off, positivity pushes forward, being a team player etc and Nate ensured I persevered through all these even through tough times. In doing so, I became not only a more knowledge skilled hockey player but more importantly a better person." - Former NCAA D1 Player

"Nate has very high standards and holds him and others accountable to being the best. He is not in the OK business and always works above the common level choosing the harder right over the easy wrong on how things need to get done.   Nate has a great intuition of different personalities and how to get the most out of people. Nate has had a profound impact on so many people including teammates, players, students and his network of friends." - Blaise M. Colleague and Former Coach

"Quite obviously he is a skilled coach with an understanding of the game that can capture a range of ages, abilities and obstacles.  He has the rare ability to inspire the participants and through his personality and draw them into his personal experiences.  He commands authority on the ice and needs not demand it. The compassion and empathy he was able to project was authentic and compelling.  However, at the same time he was able to demonstrate that he did not discriminate and demanded the same intensity and drive from everyone.  This kind of professionalism on the ice was imperative both to our business and to our sponsors." 

- Steph C. Program Director, Attorney

"Coach Nate is top notch. I've worked with him several times in the last few years. He has an uncanny ability to break down complex actions to their fundamentals and this makes the learning easier. Every time I have worked with Nate, I've come away a better player. He knows the fundamentals inside and out and has the patience to teach them to an amateur like me."      - Dan W. Adult Hockey Player

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