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What is Remote Coaching

Game Changer

Every season coaches are looking for players who are great skaters, exhibit  high level skills, show major compete level and have excellent hockey IQ.  Players and families are left looking for options. The skating and skill elements can be developed throughout practices, lessons and stick and puck sessions. All requiring more time and money which can sometimes result in a bit of burn out.  Compete level boils down to a players confidence in their skills, their level of investment in the team and their desire to succeed.  If players lack the knowledge as to where to go or where to be, compete level can drop.  This is where hockey IQ comes in; players having a growing understanding of the game that allows them to make quicker decisions that result in great plays on the ice. Confidence goes up, compete level goes up and desire to improve goes up.  WE are here to help you along that journey!  Remote coaching is your very own personal coach who analyzes your video to allow for hockey IQ to develop.  Upload game film, practice film, skill session film, its really up to you.  The major benefit to remote coaching (besides development) is time.  Instead of having to block out three hours of time for a lesson as well as the expense, you can upload games that you are already at and have your player watch their professionally edited film at any time they choose.  We will aid in your player understanding the game at a deeper level, what their coaches are asking of them and how to get the most out of their skills.


Benefits of Remote Coaching

Enhance your in season development


Allow for your player to get ahead of the curve, get more ice time, win more plays, contribute more to team success.

Gain Confidence


Having a coach exclusively for your player can help build confidence as well as recover after tough games or practices.

Improve Hockey IQ


One of the most illusive things to gain.  Personal video review is a great way for players to learn the game.


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